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Member & Family Assistance Program

Do you need support? 

We can help.

HumanaCare encourages individual work- life balance for personal well-being. Our Member & Family Assistance Program offers you immediate and confidential access to a variety of programs and supports including:

  • Short term solution focused counselling
  • Health and Wellness Coaching
  • HumanaLife (™) – Online Wellness Portal
  • Career Coaching and Counselling
  • Legal Advice
  • Financial Coaching
  • Caregiving and Eldercare Support
  • Critical Stress Management
  • Wellness Webinars and Presentations
  • Smoking Cessation Support
  • Healthcare System Navigation Support

What is behind the door to your MFAP?

Your MFAP is a voluntary wellness service available to all eligible members and their family members. Many people face personal problems and pressures in their daily lives. HumanaCare’s support and counselling can assist in finding ways to deal with these life challenges.

How are counselling services delivered?

Our services are available through a host of mediums to meet the demands of busy lives, including in-person counselling, e-counselling and telephone counselling.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to you. Your organization has sponsored a series of counselling appointments, in addition to the other services provided . In cases where long-term or more specialized services are required, a HumanaCare counsellor will guide individuals through their options. There ay be additional charges for more extensive counselling; however, often these are covered through other extended health benefits. 

What is the first step?

Call us 7 days a week, 24 hours a day at 1-800-661-8193 or fill in an online service request at https://humanacare.com/service-request. One of our Nurse Care Specialists will assist you in setting up the appropriate services and supports.

Is the program confidential?

Yes, all support services accessed voluntarily by an individual are strictly confidential. This means that we will not disclose any information about you to anyone without your expressed consent and authorization (except in cases of medical emergency or legal requirement mandating disclosure, or unless you pose a clear danger to yourself or others)

Diversity and inclusivity matters

Our mental-health supports and services include elements such as childcare and eldercare support, multicultural and faith-based counselling and access to elders for those who wish to access services specifically designed around indigenous health. Our counsellor network offers diversity in the counsellors available to members and their families.