EAP services available for the wellness of both employees are the cornerstone of your organization’s mental health initiatives. I’ve seen firsthand how these valuable services can impact an organization overall, increasing the productivity and wellbeing of employees alike.

Here’s how you can make the most of your EAP, and how they will enhance the health and wellness of your organization or institution.

The value of mental health services

In my decades of experience, I’ve heard from countless plan sponsors who have witnessed the benefits from the many services available through their EAP. Whether a person is suffering from the aftermath of a trauma, substance abuse, work performance issue, or a recurrent health issue, an EAP can provide results-oriented mental health solutions to individuals and families in need.

In terms of an individual’s health and wellness goals, it’s essential that both organizations and post-secondary institutions take a proactive approach in demonstrating the value of their wellness services, including professional counselling, crisis management, and worklife services. 

Promoting EAP within the organization or institution 

I’ve found that far too often, employees aren’t even aware that these services exist, let alone understand the value they offer. Lack of program awareness will create a critical gap in your organization that can be remedied when plan sponsors promote the features of their EAP services. Employees will then have a better understanding of why these services are beneficial to their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing – part of the value that plans sponsors are providing for their people.

Service promotion can be accomplished in various ways: whether you work in HR or elsewhere,  you can collaborate with your provider to promote the services via orientation webinars and promotional materials.  

EAP offer value to the organization and institution overall

One of the most crucial aspects of EAP that I’d impart to all plan sponsors is that the value these services provide don’t just benefit your people – they benefit the organization and institution overall. This, I believe, can sometimes be the missing link to truly understanding how you can make the most of your mental health services. 

HR professionals  can access the tools available through their EAP services to nurture and motivate healthy employees. As ambassadors of these programs, plan sponsors can take advantage of EAP services specific to administrators, in the workplace and on campus, to discover different ways to impart the value of their respective programs.

Through EAP services such as coaching, management training, key personnel consultation, and health fairs, stakeholders can nurture more productive individuals that will strive more readily for the growth and development of their organization or institution, as well as for their own personal growth.

Additional wellness forums and resources

When it comes to mental health, one never stops learning. It’s for this reason that EAP provide quality resources for continued conversation and awareness regarding mental health initiatives. From professional counselling services and crisis management, to worklife services that include legal and oncological support, EAP will help employees, and their respective organizations, develop a mental health roadmap to better mental health.

For more information on how your organization can benefit from these valuable services, contact your EAP.