Each service request begins with a consultation with a nurse, who assesses the employee’s mental, physical and socio-economic situation. From there, everything comes together quickly and seamlessly, as the nurse ensures the employee receives the correct services from the best providers, all matched to their needs.

HumanaCare provides the following menu-driven services based on what a client needs and wants:

Employee Assistance Program/Employee Family Assistance Program

Medical Second Opinion

Disability Support Services


Chronic Disease Management

 The HumanaCare difference
The employee’s nurse provides ongoing case management and follow-up to ensure employee satisfaction and best outcomes. HumanaCare will engage other members in the circle of care, including primary care physician, to ensure high quality and comprehensive care. Should you prefer it, you have the option of unbundling each service for separate delivery.

Because our service is fully integrated, the employee gets holistic support as needed to compliment the medical review. For example, a patient with cancer first gets a cancer review and may also need help with depression or anxiety.

This can help with return-to-work facilitation, shortening durations and ensuring the employee has tools and resources that help them effectively deal with their injury or illness.


These programs – in which a nurse specialist provides the employee with appropriate support – simply don’t exist elsewhere. Services can be fully customized based on the needs of the employee population.