How HumanaCare stands apart.

By channelling the best in health services through an integrated, single-point-of-contact, we ensure that employees receive the best care and support throughout every interaction. Each employee is paired with their own Nurse who works to develop a trusting, caring relationship with them.

No one goes it alone

Should an employee have a complex situation, HumanaCare is designed to provide the right services, rapidly, with a singular focus on achieving best results –– the Nurse manages the entire process, navigating in partnership with the employee, from initial contact to resolution.

All is clear to you

In terms of reporting, we offer complete transparency, clarity and accountability to employers who care about their employees. Our offering is designed to provide the right services, rapidly, with a singular focus on achieving best results, and giving our customers true value for money. Outcome-based reporting shows every interaction with your employees. This helps identify trends, allowing you to customize our services to meet your precise business needs.

Pay only for what is used

We provide a custom solution to meet your organizational needs, whether that is flexibility or cost certainty.  This can include our transaction-based pricing model which ensures you pay only for the services that are used to help your employees.   

Accredited standard of caring

HumanaCare services are delivered in a timely and professional manner, supported by our extensive experience in the health sector. We are recognized by Accreditation Canada for meeting the industry’s highest standards in care and quality. 

One point of contact reachable three ways

HumanaCare services are available through a toll-free number, through our website and via our mobile application, for optimum convenience and response times.