The Fight Against Depression


Depression effects everyone, especially in relationships. When one person in a marriage or relationship is depressed or suffering mentally it can take a toll on both parties and the relationship itself will suffer.

Over the years I have dealt with many clients who fall into this category and I always stress the importance of a partner’s support.

A recent article published in the Science daily website, presents a study from the University of Alberta, demonstrating how important love and emotional support are when your partner is feeling depressed or suffering mental health issues.

Even though love and support may be difficult when your partner feels withdrawn both mentally and physically, it is very important they receive support in order to recover and to prevent the situation from getting worse.  Even though it may not seem so at first the depressed person gets a better feeling of self-worth when their partner supports them. The extra boost in self-esteem actually helps both parties since the partner providing the extra support subsequently feels better about themselves overall as well.

There are so many ways this support can manifest itself both directly and indirectly.

  • Start by listening or being empathetic
  • helping out with extra housework
  • taking care of the children
  • running extra errands
  • providing the emotional and physical support

This can be difficult especially when the recipient is uncooperative or lashing out. As long as the giving partner fully understands the situation and is willing to cope, the extra efforts will pay off in the long run.

Furthermore, this effect can be carried on beyond primary relationship. Love and support given to parents, siblings or close friends can have a similar effect and will go a long way helping the depressed person recover or get better sooner.

Recovery takes time, patience and perseverance, but is possible by working with a professional therapist and with the support of a loving partner.

Seeking professional help from a certified therapist specializing in depression is one of the first steps to take control of depression.

Written by: Sonia Panchysyn