We believe everyone deserves better, longer lasting outcomes, and because a compassionate, holistic, employee centered care model is the prerequisite to better outcomes, we revolutionized the intake and delivery processes as well as the service supports common to employee assistance and related health care programs. All of these changes are designed to improve your employee’s health and productivity while keeping your program participation costs (about) the same.

We provide the connection between your organization's strategy and the health and experiences of your employees.  We reduce absenteeism, improve employee engagement and productivity and provide tools and support to help employees build resiliency. Because the employee is supported in a holistic manner, we generate a more than 50% improvement in their outcomes when compared with the industry norm.

Services Include

  • Short–term therapy/counselling
  • Trauma/crisis management and intervention services
  • Financial, legal, family and stress-related services
  • Health system navigation, case management, care coordination and concierge services for acute illnesses (expert advice on how to get the most out of the system)
  • Caregiving and care support for age-related illnesses with support for the entire family (such as elderly parents), with care transitions (home to long-term care, hospital to community, etc.), community care and any related support